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Club 125. Jubilee congratulations by friends of the house.

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Jubilee congratulations

125% responsibility. That is the thread, connecting Kapsch to friends of the Kapsch family, and to the community as a whole. „125% dedication” to an extensive engagement, on which trust and appreciation lie.

In the club of the 125s we present leading personalities. Personalities, which Kapsch has a special connection to. Club 125 is about friends, which have something to say about Kapsch, about the character of the family enterprise. Unexpected, unknown or unusual statements, which all describe a particular characteristic. A basic mindset, which brought Kapsch to where it is – and is best described as responsibility. To 125%.

Dr. Christoph Boschan

CEO Wiener Börse AG

“Focusing on long-term success, rather than short-term profit – that’s what I like.”

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Karola Kraus

Director mumok

“Running a company successfully across multiple generations is a true art.”

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Dr. Walter Rothensteiner

Chairman of Austrian Raiffeisen Association

“For an Austrian company with a global presence, it’s important to think in broader terms.”

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Dr. Klaus Schierhackl

ASFINAG board of management

“If you’ve been moving in the fast lane since 1892, then you’re way
out infront.”

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Matthias Naske

Director of the Wiener Konzerthaus

“If you know how to combine innovation with tradition, you
clearly know where the action is.”

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Andreas Treichl

Chief Executive Officer
Erste Group Bank AG

“Success means not responding to the market, but shaping it.”

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