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Dedication Stories. Discover what 125% dedication means to us.

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Dedication Stories

Since day one, there have been people at Kapsch giving not only 100%, but 125% commitment, devotion and passion. The combination of these emotions is what “125% dedication”, a term synonymous with the soul of Kapsch, means to us. In our dedication stories we present Kapsch employees who accomplish extraordinary results with their everyday activities.

At first glance, some of these stories may seem to have little to do with work. A closer look, however, reveals that they are about a particular mindset. A mindset that is a precursor to success, both personal and professional, which we hope every Kapsch employee adopts. These stories are exemplary for all employees making a 125% effort for Kapsch every day.

Every month a new 125% dedication story will be published here. It’s going to be exciting!

Sean B. Morgan

Consultant Operations Manager,
Kapsch TrafficCom Inc. USA

“You have to want to accomplish things and be willing to set goals.”

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Tom McPharlin

Inventor of the DYNAC Solution,
Kapsch TrafficCom Inc. USA

“I really enjoy doing this type of work.”

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Oleg Burak

Deputy Director for Technical Support
Kapsch Telematic Services FLLC

“I want to change the world for the better.”

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Thomas Reininger

Solution Designer for Network Solutions,
Kapsch BusinessCom

“For me, dancing is the highest form of communication.”

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Erwin Macho

Museum Curator of the
Kapsch Museum, Kapsch Group

“My work begins where oblivion starts.”

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