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Dedication Stories. Sean B. Morgan.
“You have to want to accomplish things and be willing to set goals.”

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Sean B. Morgan

Consultant Operations Manager

Kapsch TrafficCom USA, Inc.

Location: New York, U.S.A.

With Kapsch since: August 2016

Sean Morgan works as the Consultant Operations Manager at the Joint Traffic Management Center (JTMC) in Long Island City, New York. In his function, he acts as liaison between New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and Kapsch. At the JTMC he is the go-between for four different agencies and the person people come to when they have problems or complaints. He is also responsible for the day-to-day staffing of the center and makes sure things go right from a Kapsch perspective.

Being a good listener is one of the key qualities he needs for his job as well as for his special dedication: teaching children. Sean played for six years semi-pro basketball on the national team of his home country Jamaica. After his son’s birth, he decided to devote his skills to the youth. For over 18 years now he has been coaching kids’ basketball and refereeing games.

But that’s not all - he also engages in a training program for young people with disabilities. A group of handicapped kids from a local high school regularly comes to the JTMC and they sell candy on each floor of the building to raise money for their program. Sean trains the kids how to interact with the public and how to work with customers. The program helps them to be self-sufficient and to gain skills for their work life. At the end of the year three or four of the young people graduate from the program and Sean attends their graduation ceremony with great pride. Why does Sean give 125% dedication to the youth? It is the look on their faces when they accomplish new things he has helped them learn along their way.

“You have to want to accomplish things and be willing to set goals.”

Sean B. Morgan

Five questions for Sean.

Which character qualities do you need for your dedication and your professional life?

Being a good listener is a key quality that has helped me in my daily life, whether it’s youth in basketball or employees here at the center. Drive – you must want to accomplish things and be willing to set goals. Here at the JTMC we set daily goals and I push my operators to be better. I can’t be consumed with my day-to-day activities because someone else may be having a tougher day than I am, so I try to help them out. And patience – you have to be patient. There’s a million stories in New York City so you have to be patient and listen to every one of them!

What is the most challenging aspect of working in a Traffic Management Center?

The most challenging aspect of working here is how to solve problems while taking into account each of our partners here in the TMC (NYSDOT, New York City DOT-TMC, New York City DOT- OER, and New York Police Department) have different protocols and management styles for dealing with incident management. Every accident is different so we must think outside the box. Nothing here is status-quo, we have to be creative sometimes to solve problems.

The fact that we have four different agencies working here in the TMC makes the work environment unique, but everyone works and coordinates together to get our jobs done.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your volunteer work?

Going to the young peoples’ graduation. That is the most rewarding thing. Meeting the teachers there at school and they already know who I am even though we’ve never met, that’s also very rewarding. And knowing that the kids look forward to coming here to the center also makes me happy.

Have you ever thought of stopping your activities?

No, never thought about stopping. It just never has crossed my mind. From year to year, I get to work with three or four new kids and get to learn their strengths and weaknesses and then see them off at graduation. It’s very rewarding and I wouldn’t think of stopping.

What does the historical anniversary “125 years of Kapsch” mean to you?

It means a lot to me to work for a long-standing, global company and yet they still take the time to get to know me and acknowledge my work here at the JTMC and in the community. It means a lot to me to have these positive people around me.